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Christina has written a series of young adult novels featuring a group of teenagers facing unique challenges whose lives intersect as they pursue their dreams.

Revealing Jock   
Eighteen-year-old musician Jock is panicked about revealing his secret to his new girlfriend--he's intersex and his nether regions are atypical. Amping up the stress, his childhood crush who knew him as Ella appears at his show but doesn’t recognize him. With his band’s success skyrocketing, Jock longs to become a public voice for his intersex peers, yet ultimately must choose between celebrity or being true to himself.

Embracing Kate   
Kate, 14, defies her depressed mother to gain acceptance into the American Ballet Theater training school. Reality invades when her spinal curvature worsens and she needs to wear a back brace 23 hours a day. Despite the risks, she sheds the brace when she's dancing, winning roles in the recital and a prestigious summer program in Paris. But then the worst happens: Her spine surges out of control and her career self-destructs. Trapped in the brace, she experiments with pot at a beach party, which triggers her to choreograph a piece about a pioneering choreographer at the Paris Opera Ballet that she brings to the Director. Things take a shocking turn, and Kate ends up in the psych ward, her dreams deemed delusional. Desperate to erase the past, she builds a new life as a top cross country runner. Yet when her dance friend Gracelyn joins ABT’s junior company, all of Kate’s disappointment and rage re-erupts, tempting her to destroy the new life she’s created.                       

Saving Tommy   
High school star quarterback and talented artist Tommy struggles to cope with his mom’s death and their shocking secret. Not even his best friend and fellow artist Amelia knows the weight he’s carrying or that he is estranged from his dad. When Amelia starts dating Jock, an indie musician, Tommy panics since he’d always loved her. When tragedy strikes, his secret is revealed and Tommy has to choose between the memory of his mother and a real relationship with Amelia.

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